Saudi Arabia Expands e-Visa Program, Boosting Türkiye and Saint Kitts & Nevis CBI Programs

Saudi Arabia has recently expanded its e-visa program again, this time with 6 additional countries, facilitating smoother international mobility for citizens of these countries.

Saudi Arabia Skyline

An Additional 6 Countries for e-Visa

The newly included countries can now conveniently apply for e-visas via an online portal, which streamlines the application process significantly.

Included Countries

The nations now eligible for the Saudi Arabia e-Visa are:

  • Türkiye
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Thailand
  • Panama

Alignment with Saudi Vision 2030

The broadening of the Saudi Arabia e-Visa initiative resonates with the objectives laid out in Saudi Vision 2030, a tactical roadmap designed for fostering economic expansion and diversification. This is targeted towards elevating the tourism sector’s input to the GDP while drawing in a larger global visitor base.

Strengthening Turkiye & Saint Kitts CBI Programs

This extension of the e-visa program is a positive development that augments the Citizen by Investment (CBI) programs of Türkiye and Saint Kitts. By simplifying the visa procurement process, Saudi Arabia is fostering stronger international ties and encouraging a higher level of interaction among these nations.

The eased visa process to Saudi Arabia may attract more investors from the Middle East region, who might find it appealing to invest in Türkiye or Saint Kitts & Nevis and simultaneously enjoy simplified travel to Saudi Arabia. Both CBI programs give investors the ability to travel to over 110 countries worldwide, with Saint Kitts & Nevis giving you access to Schengen Area, United Kingdom, & many more popular destinations.

If you are interested in obtaining a second citizenship in Saint Kitts & Nevis or Türkiye, feel free to contact us!


The continued development of the Saudi Arabia e-Visa system showcases the Kingdom’s commitment to boosting tourism and enhancing international connectivity, in harmony with the broader vision for the future.

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