Future Fund Oman: Empowering Economic Growth and Innovation

In a significant move to strengthen Oman’s economic landscape and attract global investment, the Oman Investment Authority (OIA) has unveiled the “Future Fund Oman” with a substantial capital of $5.2 billion, this initiative reflects Oman’s commitment to promoting economic diversification and sustainability.

Empowering Economic Development

Aligned with national directives, the Future Fund Oman aims to deploy its capital over the next five years, injecting approximately $1 billion annually into the economy. This strategic allocation of resources reflects the government’s commitment to driving economic growth and diversification. With a focus on targeted investment, the Fund aims to stimulate development across various sectors, ensuring maximum impact on Oman’s economic landscape. The primary focus lies on investing directly in large-scale projects within Oman, allocating 90% of its capital for this purpose. By channeling the majority of its resources into these projects, the Fund aims to boost job creation, infrastructure development, and technological advancement, laying the groundwork for sustainable economic progress.

Additionally, 7% of the Fund’s capital is earmarked for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), recognizing their vital role in driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurship. This allocation reflects the government’s commitment to nurturing a lively ecosystem of SMEs, empowering them to thrive and contribute to Oman’s economic resilience. Furthermore, with 3% designated for startup investments, the Fund aims to fuel innovation and nurture the next generation of businesses, positioning Oman as a hub for entrepreneurial activity and technological advancement in the region.

Strategic Investment Focus

The Future Fund Oman adopts a strategic approach to investment, targeting key sectors vital for Oman’s economic resurgence. These sectors include tourism, manufacturing, green energy, fisheries, agriculture, ports and logistics, mining, and information and communication technologies. By directing resources into these areas, the Fund aims to revitalize critical sectors and advance broader economic objectives. This strategic focus ensures that investments are aligned with Oman’s developmental goals, fostering growth and sustainability across various industries. By targeting key sectors with high growth potential, the Fund maximizes its impact on job creation, infrastructure development, and technological innovation, driving Oman’s economic transformation forward.

Enhancing Economic Diversification

H.E. Abdulsalam Al Murshidi, President of OIA, emphasizes the Fund’s pivotal role as an incentive for economic diversification and a dependable partner for global investors. With a strategic emphasis on empowering the private sector, attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), supporting SMEs, and fostering venture capital, the Future Fund Oman positions itself as a cornerstone of Oman’s economic transformation. Al Murshidi’s visionary leadership drives the Fund’s mission to capitalize on emerging opportunities and address economic challenges proactively. By supporting initiatives that stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, the Fund aims to unlock Oman’s full economic potential while ensuring sustainable development.

Under his stewardship, the Fund adopts an inclusive approach to economic revitalization, nurturing partnerships and alliances that promote growth and prosperity. By leveraging its financial resources and strategic networks, the Future Fund Oman endeavors to position Oman as a premier investment destination in the region. Al Murshidi’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct underscores the Fund’s integrity and reliability, instilling confidence among investors and stakeholders. Through collaborative efforts and forward-thinking strategies, the Fund seeks to drive meaningful change, turning Oman’s evolution into a dynamic and resilient economy assured for long-term success on the global stage.

Accessibility and Adherence to Quality Standards

To facilitate investment, the Future Fund Oman provides a user-friendly online platform for interested investors. By visiting https://futurefund.om/futurefund/, investors can access financing information, create an account, and submit the Investment Opportunity Form for consideration. While the application review process may take up to three months, regular updates on the status ensure transparency and accountability.

Committed to maintaining high-quality standards, the Future Fund Oman operates under the governance of the OIA, which has already secured global recognition for its governance and sustainability practices. Governed by an Investment Committee and an Advisory Committee, the Fund ensures strategic alignment with broader economic objectives while maintaining rigorous oversight over investment decisions. This commitment to quality not only upholds the Fund’s credibility but also reinforces investor trust, ultimately contributing to Oman’s sustainable economic development.


The launch of the Future Fund Oman represents a fundamental moment in Oman’s economic trajectory, signaling a proactive approach towards economic diversification and sustainability. By leveraging its substantial capital and strategic focus on key sectors, the Fund aims to drive innovation, stimulate growth, and foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. As Oman positions itself as a promising investment destination, the Future Fund Oman stands assured to play a transformative role in shaping the country’s economic future.

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