UK Introduces Visa Requirement for Dominica and Vanuatu

The UK government recently declared that citizens of Dominica and Vanuatu nationals are now required to obtain a visa for travel to the UK. This change is effective immediately, with a transitional period in place until 15:00 BST on 16 August.

The aim is to strengthen the UK’s security measures and effectively manage migration. However, this alteration doesn’t signify a shift in the relationship between the UK and these countries. It is more about ensuring a secure and effective visa system.

Transitional Period and Details

During the four-week transition period, only visitors who booked their travel before 15:00 BST 19 July can still enter the UK without a visa. However, anyone who has booked their flight after 15:00 BST 19 July will need a visa, regardless of their arrival time, including if they arrive before 15:00 BST 16 August.

Moreover, any passengers arriving after 15:00 BST 16 August will require a visa to enter the UK, no matter when their travel was booked.

Visa Application Procedure

Applications for visas are to be submitted online at VFS Global, where applicants also pay the application fee. Once that is done, applicants book an appointment to provide their biometrics and hand over their passport. The UK Government aims to process applications within 15 UK working days from the receipt of the passport and biometrics, and applicants can apply up to three months in advance of their travel.

Cost and Duration

The cost of a six-month multiple-entry visa for the UK can be found at: Visa fees – GOV.UK ( Visas with longer validity are also available.

Temporary UK Visa Application Centre

To accommodate the sudden demand, a temporary UK Visa Application Centre will operate regularly in Dominica. The first session is scheduled to take place at the Fort Young Hotel, Victoria Street, P.O. Box 519, Rosseau Dominica on specific dates in July and August. The objective is to ensure that applicants receive their visas before the transition period ends on 16 August. Additional sessions are also planned.

Impact on Current Visitors

Current Dominican visitors in the UK will not be impacted by this new requirement for the remainder of their visit. However, once they leave the UK, they will need a visa to re-enter.


The transition to the eTA system marks a significant advancement in creating a secure yet efficient travel environment, showcasing the UK’s commitment to balancing national security with the promotion of global mobility. Although it might appear as an additional step for the citizens of the impacted countries, the eTA system stands out for its speed and efficiency, thus ensuring minimal inconvenience for applicants.

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