Explore the World: Top Turkish Passport Visa-Free Countries in 2024

What does a Turkish passport get you in the world of travel? Instant access to 118 countries without a visa, that’s what. Learn which destinations welcome you with no visa required, cutting through the bureaucracy and turning your travel dreams into reality. Dive into our definitive guide to ‘turkish passport visa-free countries’ to map out your next international journey.

Key Takeaways

  • The Turkish passport ranks 52th globally, providing visa-free access to 118 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, thus facilitating international travel and business opportunities.
  • Turkish passport holders can enter some countries without a visa, others via visa on arrival, or through an eVisa process, each requiring different levels of preparation and understanding for a smooth travel experience.
  • Options for obtaining Turkish citizenship include real estate investment (minimum USD 400,000), business ventures, and government bonds, each offering various benefits and a path to global mobility with a Turkish passport.

Unlocking Global Access: The Power of the Turkish Passport

Owning a Turkish passport, also known as a Turkey passport, is like possessing a golden ticket to global mobility and countless opportunities. Currently ranked 52th in the world, this passport grants you access to 118 countries without the hassle of obtaining visas. Whether you’re embarking on a European business trip or planning an Asian getaway, the Turkish passport eliminates the need for time-consuming visa processes.

Think of your passport as a master key, effortlessly unlocking doors to seamless international travel experiences, all while enjoying the benefits of service passports.

Visa-Free Destinations at a Glance

With a Turkish passport in hand, you can explore 118 countries without the need for a visa. This visa-free access spans across continents, encompassing:

  • Europe: Rich cultural hubs
  • Asia: Vibrant and bustling cities
  • Africa: Stunning and picturesque landscapes
  • Americas: Diverse terrains and experiences

It’s akin to possessing a golden ticket that grants you the freedom to explore the world at your own pace and convenience.

Continents Unlocked: Regional Breakdown

With a Turkish passport, you gain access to European countries, immersing yourself in a realm filled with history, culture, and innovation. The privilege extends to various countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas too, making the Turkish passport a truly global asset.

Whether you’re embarking on a European business trip or an African safari, your Turkish passport is all you need for a hassle-free journey, especially for turkey passport holders.

Navigating International Borders: Visa-Free Entry Explained


Navigating international borders becomes easier when you understand the types of visa-free entries. With a Turkish passport, you have options: you can enter some countries visa-free, obtain a visa upon arrival in others, or apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before your trip. Each method has its own advantages, and knowing which one applies to your destination can streamline your travel experience.

No Visa Required – Seamless Travel

Imagine landing in a foreign country and walking straight out of the airport, no visa queues, no paperwork. That’s the beauty of visa-free travel. Holding a Turkish passport grants you seamless entry into 118 countries and territories sans visa, allowing you to travel visa free. However, the duration of stay in each country varies and is governed by its own rules.

However, it’s important to note that while visa-free travel is incredibly convenient, the rules for each country you visit may differ. Each destination sets its own rules regarding the duration of your stay without a visa, and it’s essential to abide by these regulations. Overstaying your welcome can lead to fines, delays, or even legal issues, so always be aware of the specific requirements for each place you visit.

Moreover, it’s crucial to understand that visa-free travel doesn’t automatically grant you the right to work in the country you’re visiting. Unless the laws of that country explicitly state otherwise, you’ll typically need a separate work permit or visa to legally work there.

Visa on Arrival – What to Expect

As a Turkish citizen, 35 countries offer you the convenience of ‘Visa on Arrival’. You land at your destination, meet the requisite criteria, pay the visa fee, and you’re good to go. This process typically takes a few minutes. The cost varies from USD 15 to USD 70, depending on the traveler’s nationality. It’s a convenient option but always good to have some local currency handy before you land.

Some of the countries that offer Visa on Arrival for Turkish citizens include:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Maldives
  • Kenya
  • Jordan
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka

Make sure to check the specific requirements and fees for each country before you travel.

Electronic Visa – Planning Ahead Online

Electronic visas, often referred to as eVisas, are a fantastic way to plan ahead and ensure smooth travels to specific countries. Some countries, such as Australia and Bahrain, necessitate an e visa application prior to your travels to ensure you have a valid visa. The process is straightforward: Visit the official website, fill in the required information, and complete the payment. With this method, you receive your visa without stepping out of your home.

You don’t need to visit embassies or stand in long queues. Instead, you can handle everything from the comfort of your own home. For a worry-free travel experience, we recommend applying for your eVisa at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. This timeframe allows for a smooth application process and ensures you receive your eVisa promptly, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming journey.

Your Gateway to the World: Top Visa-Free Countries for Turkish Citizens

Top Visa-Free Countries for Turkish Citizens

A Turkish passport stands as your portal to countless countries worldwide. Whether you’re drawn to the historical charm of European destinations or the vibrant energy of Asian metropolises, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Here are some of the top turkey visa free countries across various continents, welcoming Turkish citizens warmly.

European Escapes Without a Visa

With your Turkish passport in hand, you’re in for a European adventure filled with history, art, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Here are some of the European escapes that await you without the need for a visa:

  • Serbia: Discover the vibrant culture of Belgrade, explore historic sites, and enjoy Serbian cuisine.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Visit the historic city of Sarajevo, explore the stunning landscapes, and learn about the region’s history.
  • Montenegro: Enjoy the Adriatic coastline, explore the Bay of Kotor, and experience the beauty of Montenegro.

With your Turkish passport, you can embark on a European journey filled with unforgettable experiences. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore the beauty of Europe without the hassle of visa applications.

European countries

Asia’s Welcoming Doors

With your Turkish passport, you have the privilege of exploring the diverse and captivating countries of Asia without the need for a visa. Here are some Asian destinations that welcome Turkish citizens with open arms:

Asian countries
  • Singapore: Experience the futuristic skyline, lush gardens, and cultural diversity of this vibrant city-state.
  • South Korea: Immerse yourself in the rich history, cuisine, and natural beauty of South Korea, from bustling Seoul to serene temples.
  • Japan: Witness the beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, discover ancient traditions, and explore the modern wonders of Japan.
  • Indonesia: Relax on the stunning beaches of Bali, explore the diverse landscapes, and savor Indonesian cuisine.
  • Malaysia: Enjoy the multicultural atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur, discover the rainforests, and indulge in delicious street food.
  • Thailand: Experience the vibrant street markets of Bangkok, relax on tropical islands, and explore ancient temples.
  • Philippines: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Palawan, visit historical sites, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Filipino people.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, from mountain ranges to serene lakes.
  • Kazakhstan: Discover the modern cities and vast landscapes of Kazakhstan, where East meets West.
  • Uzbekistan: Travel back in time to explore the Silk Road cities and architectural wonders of Uzbekistan.
  • Tajikistan: Experience the rugged beauty of the Pamir Mountains and the hospitality of Tajik culture.

Your Turkish passport opens the doors to a world of Asian adventures, from the bustling metropolises of Singapore and Seoul to the tranquil landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. So, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Asia’s welcoming doors.

Discovering Africa’s Visa-Free Gems

Africa, a continent of breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural diversity, beckons you to explore its wonders. As a Turkish passport holder, you have the privilege of discovering Africa’s gems without the need for a visa. Here are some of the remarkable African countries that welcome Turkish citizens with open arms:

African countries
  • Egypt: Marvel at the ancient wonders of Egypt, from the iconic Pyramids of Giza to the temples along the Nile.
  • Morocco: Immerse yourself in the vibrant markets, intricate architecture, and diverse landscapes of Morocco.
  • Tunisia: Explore the historic ruins of Carthage, relax on Mediterranean beaches, and savor Tunisian cuisine.
  • Kenya: Embark on a safari adventure in the Maasai Mara, witness the Great Migration, and enjoy the natural beauty of Kenya.
  • Seychelles: Relax on pristine beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and experience the natural paradise of Seychelles.
  • Mauritius: Discover the tropical paradise of Mauritius, known for its stunning beaches, lush gardens, and water sports.
  • South Africa: Experience the vibrant culture of Cape Town, go on a safari in Kruger National Park, and explore the diverse landscapes of South Africa.
  • Namibia: Witness the otherworldly landscapes of Namibia, including the Namib Desert and Etosha National Park.
  • Botswana: Embark on a safari adventure in the Okavango Delta, known for its incredible wildlife and pristine wilderness.
  • Zambia: Visit Victoria Falls, one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls, and explore Zambia’s national parks.

Africa offers a tapestry of experiences, from the historical treasures of Egypt to the natural wonders of South Africa and the Seychelles. Your Turkish passport grants you the freedom to embark on unforgettable journeys across this diverse continent. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover Africa’s beauty and hospitality.

Embracing the Americas

The Americas, a vast and diverse continent, beckon Turkish passport holders with a world of opportunities. With the privilege of visa-free travel, you can explore a multitude of experiences across North, Central, and South America. Here are some of the captivating destinations that await you:

  • Argentina: Dance to the rhythms of tango in Buenos Aires, marvel at the beauty of Patagonia, and savor Argentine wines and cuisine.
  • Brazil: Experience the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, visit the Amazon Rainforest, and unwind on the beaches of Copacabana.
  • Chile: Explore the diverse landscapes of Chile, from the Atacama Desert to the glaciers of Patagonia.
  • Bahamas: Bask in the sun on the pristine beaches of the Bahamas, known for their turquoise waters and coral reefs.
  • Panama: Discover the cultural blend of Panama City, traverse the Panama Canal, and explore the lush rainforests of Panama.
  • Uruguay: Experience the laid-back charm of Uruguay’s coastal towns and indulge in the country’s renowned beef.
The Americas

The Americas offer a kaleidoscope of cultures, natural wonders, and vibrant cities, all accessible with your Turkish passport. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, the Americas have it all. Start planning your American journey today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The Investment Path to Turkish Citizenship

Investment options for Turkish Citizenship

Looking to make Turkey your second home? There are various investment options that can lead to Turkish citizenship. Whether it’s real estate, business ventures or government bonds, each path offers its unique advantages and can even result in turkey citizenship.

Explore these investment options and how they can carve a path to your Turkish citizenship.

Real Estate Investments

Investing in Turkish real estate is a promising avenue towards obtaining Turkish citizenship. By acquiring property with a minimum value of USD 400,000, you become eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. This not only provides you with a valuable asset in Turkey but also grants you access to the many opportunities and privileges that come with being a Turkish citizen. Whether you’re seeking a second home, a place to retire, or an investment property, Turkish real estate offers a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Business Ventures & Government Bonds

If you’re an entrepreneur or investor, exploring business ventures or government bonds can be your pathway to Turkish citizenship. By making a minimum investment of USD 500,000 in fixed capital or government bonds, you can qualify for Turkish citizenship. Whether you’re interested in starting a tech company, expanding an existing business, or diversifying your investment portfolio with government bonds, your business acumen can pave the way to acquiring a Turkish passport. This not only opens doors to new business opportunities in Turkey but also provides you with the privileges of Turkish citizenship.

European Citizenship by Investment Program offer a gateway to making Turkey your second home and embracing the benefits of Turkish citizenship. Whether you choose real estate, business ventures, or government bonds, each path can lead you to the rich culture, diverse landscapes, and thriving economy of Turkey, while also granting you the status of a Turkish citizen.

Advantages of Holding a Turkish Passport

Holding a Turkish passport comes with its unique perks. From expanding your business internationally to gaining access to world-class education, the advantages are manifold. Let’s delve into these benefits more deeply.

Business Expansion & Networking

Certainly, holding a Turkish passport provides substantial advantages when it comes to business expansion and networking on a global scale.

Business Networking
  • Attending International Events: Turkish passport holders can easily attend international conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions. These events are excellent platforms for networking, showcasing products or services, and forging partnerships with businesses from around the world.
  • Networking with Global Leaders: Your Turkish passport opens doors to networking opportunities with influential leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers globally. Engaging in discussions and collaborations with international business figures can lead to innovative ideas and partnerships that can drive your business forward.
  • Exploring Business Opportunities: With visa-free access to numerous countries, you can explore new markets and investment opportunities. Whether you’re seeking to establish new business ventures, expand existing operations, or identify potential partners, your Turkish passport makes it easier to navigate the global business landscape.
  • Access to International Trade Agreements: Turkey is a signatory to various international trade agreements and organizations. Holding a Turkish passport can grant you preferential access to these agreements, including reduced tariffs and simplified export-import procedures. This can significantly benefit businesses engaged in international trade.
  • Enhancing Market Access: Turkish citizens can leverage their passport to gain easier market access in countries with which Turkey has favorable trade relations. This can lead to increased market share and improved competitiveness in various industries.
  • Promoting Turkish Brands: If you’re involved in a business that promotes Turkish products or services, your Turkish passport can serve as a testament to the quality and authenticity of your offerings. This can be particularly valuable in industries such as tourism, food, and fashion, where Turkish brands are renowned.

Educational Horizons

Certainly, holding a Turkish passport offers exceptional advantages when it comes to accessing global educational opportunities.

Education by Turkish citizenship
  • Visa-Free Access to Prestigious Universities: Turkish passport holders can explore educational opportunities in esteemed universities worldwide without the hassle of visa applications and travel restrictions. This facilitates the pursuit of higher education in countries renowned for their academic excellence.
  • Diverse Range of Study Destinations: With access to over 100 countries visa-free, Turkish citizens can choose from a wide array of study destinations.
  • Exclusive International Scholarships: Turkish citizens often have access to exclusive international scholarships and funding opportunities. These scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of studying abroad, making it more accessible to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees in prestigious institutions.
  • World-Class Education Systems: Turkey itself boasts several world-class universities, and as a Turkish passport holder, you can benefit from these institutions’ educational excellence. Furthermore, your passport enables you to experience different educational systems and teaching methodologies in diverse international settings.
  • Global Career Prospects: Graduating from prestigious universities abroad can enhance your career prospects on a global scale. Employers often value international education and experiences, which can lead to job opportunities both in Turkey and internationally.

Lifestyle and Family Relocation Benefits

Certainly, holding a Turkish passport offers a multitude of lifestyle and family relocation benefits that enhance your overall quality of life.

Family Relocation to Turkey

Cultural Immersion: Visa-free access to numerous countries allows you and your family to explore diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Whether you’re interested in historical landmarks, vibrant festivals, or culinary adventures, your Turkish passport provides opportunities for enriching cultural experiences.

Scenic Exploration: From the picturesque landscapes of Europe to the breathtaking natural beauty of Asia, your passport allows you to embark on scenic journeys and create lasting memories. Whether it’s a family vacation or a solo adventure, you have the freedom to explore the world’s most captivating destinations.

World-Class Healthcare: Access to world-class healthcare facilities and medical services is crucial for your family’s well-being. Your Turkish passport can provide you with the peace of mind that you’ll receive top-notch medical care, both in Turkey and abroad, should the need arise.

Public Education: If you have school-age children, your passport grants access to public education systems in various countries. This ensures that your children have the opportunity to receive quality education while you explore international career opportunities or pursue further studies.

Family Relocation: The flexibility of visa-free travel allows for family relocation to countries that offer a high quality of life and career prospects. Whether you’re considering a permanent move or a temporary stay, your Turkish passport facilitates family reunification and international mobility.

Enhanced Lifestyle: Overall, holding a Turkish passport elevates your family’s lifestyle by providing access to a world of possibilities. Whether you’re enjoying the benefits of public services, pursuing leisure activities, or planning family adventures, your passport serves as a key to unlock new experiences and opportunities.

Practical Tips for Turkish Passport Holders Travelling Abroad

Tips for Turkish Passport Holders

Traveling abroad is exciting, but it also requires careful planning. For Turkish passport holders, travel to an array of countries is endowed with the privilege of visa-free access. However, to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable, it’s essential to follow some practical tips.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Before embarking on your journey, ensure your travel documents are in order, comprehend your destination’s visa requirements, secure travel insurance, and prepare for local currency access. It’s also a good idea to carry a combination of cash and cards for your expenses and inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any card-related issues.

Cultural Sensitivity and Compliance

Traveling abroad also means immersing yourself in a new culture. It’s important to respect local customs and traditions. Adhering to dress codes or following local etiquette not only enhances your travel experience but also leaves a positive impression of you as a Turkish citizen.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program: How to Apply

Wondering how to attain Turkish citizenship through investment? The procedure is straightforward. You can invest in real estate, deposit a certain amount in a Turkish bank, or establish a business in Turkey.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

Before you begin the application process, it’s essential to assess your eligibility for Turkish citizenship through investment. Ensure you meet the criteria set by the Turkish government, which typically involves a minimum investment amount in one of the eligible categories: real estate, bank deposit, or business establishment.

Step 2: Choose Your Investment Path

Turkish citizenship offers multiple investment paths, and you can select the one that aligns best with your goals and financial capacity:

  • Real Estate Investment: Invest a minimum of USD 400,000 in real estate within Turkey. Ensure the property title deed is registered under your name and that you maintain ownership for at least three years.
  • Bank Deposit: Make a fixed deposit of a specified amount in a Turkish bank. The minimum deposit requirement may vary, so check the latest regulations. Ensure the deposit remains untouched for a specific duration.
  • Business Establishment: Establish a new business or invest in an existing Turkish company, contributing to the country’s economy. The minimum required investment amount is determined by the government, so be sure to confirm the current threshold.

Step 3: Prepare Required Documentation

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of your eligibility investment (e.g., property title deed, bank deposit certificate, business registration)
  • A clean criminal record certificate
  • Health insurance coverage in Turkey
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Any additional documents as required by the specific investment category

Step 4: Apply for Residence Permit

Before obtaining Turkish citizenship, you’ll need to apply for a residence permit. This allows you to live in Turkey legally while your citizenship application is processed. Submit your application to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management or apply online through the official e-residence system.

Step 5: Submit Your Citizenship Application

Once your residence permit is approved, proceed to submit your Turkish citizenship application. This should be done through the Interior Ministry’s Directorate General of Population and Citizenship Affairs. Ensure that all required documents are accurately completed and submitted with your application.

Step 6: Wait for Processing

The Turkish government will review your application, conduct background checks, and assess your eligibility based on the chosen investment path. Processing times may vary, but you can check the status of your application through the relevant authorities.

Step 7: Attend an Interview (if required)

In some cases, applicants may be called for an interview to verify information or clarify details regarding their investment and intentions. Be prepared to provide accurate and honest responses during the interview.

Step 8: Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Upon approval of your application, you will receive your Turkish citizenship certificate. This certificate signifies your successful acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Congratulations, you are now a Turkish citizen!

Step 9: Collect Your Turkish Passport

With your citizenship certificate in hand, you can apply for a Turkish passport from the Turkish Passport Directorate. This passport allows you to enjoy the full benefits of Turkish citizenship, including visa-free travel to numerous countries.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Turkish Citizenship

Now that you are a Turkish citizen, you can fully embrace the privileges and opportunities that come with it. This includes the freedom to live, work, and invest in Turkey, as well as the ability to explore the world with your Turkish passport.

Remember that immigration policies and requirements may change over time, so it’s essential to stay informed about the latest regulations and consult with experts in the field, to ensure a smooth application process.

Allow us to guide you through the step-by-step process of securing Turkish citizenship via investment.


In a nutshell, the Turkish passport is a powerful tool that opens a world of opportunities for you. Whether it’s visa-free travel to numerous countries, business expansion, educational opportunities, or lifestyle benefits, the advantages are manifold. With careful planning and cultural sensitivity, you can make the most of your Turkish passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many countries can Turkish passport go without visa?

Turkish passport holders can currently travel to 118 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival, or apply for electronic travel authorization (eTA) or an electronic visa (e-visa).

Is Japan visa free for Turkey?

Yes, Turkish passport holders can travel to Japan without a visa for a limited stay. Be sure to check other entry requirements and the allowed duration of stay.

What is the global ranking of the Turkish passport?

The global ranking of the Turkish passport is 52th.

What are the investment options for acquiring Turkish citizenship?

You can acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate Investment Program. Investment, business ventures, and government bonds are the main investment options available for this purpose.

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