Progressive Updates in Dominica CBI: Applicant Meetings & Enhanced Due Diligence for Iranians

The Dominica Citizenship By Investment Unit recently announced two important changes that potential applicants and authorized agents need to be aware of. Effective from July 17th, 2023, meetings will be conducted for all applicants aged sixteen and over.

Additionally, the Republic of Iran has been designated as a specified country under the CBI Program, and enhanced due diligence procedures will be implemented for all Iranian applicants. Let’s go further into these updates and their effects.

Meetings For All Applicants

In an effort to increase transparency and bolster the relationship between the CBI program and its applicants, meetings will be part of the application process for all applicants aged sixteen (16) and above from 17th July 2023 onwards. This step highlights Dominica’s commitment to improving the efficiency and integrity of the CBI application process.

Such interaction, fosters a more personalized and direct line of communication between applicants and the CBI unit. It allows the CBI program to understand the applicants better, ensuring a smoother, more personalized application process. Furthermore, it also provides an avenue for applicants to directly convey their unique needs and expectations from the program, leading to more tailored and effective solutions, as well as potentially increase the possibility of approval.

Enhanced Due Diligence for Iranian Applicants

In a significant development, the Republic of Iran has been classified as a specified country under the CBI Program. This classification indicates the need for enhanced due diligence procedures for all Iranian applicants. Starting from July 17th, 2023, these procedures will be mandatory.


Dominica continues to set the bar high, demonstrating their proactive and adaptive approach to Citizenship by Investment. By implementing meetings with applicants, they foster a direct and personalized line of communication with the applicants. Moreover, their enhanced due diligence procedure for Iranian applicants underscores their commitment to uphold the highest global standards.

These updates reflect Dominica’s dedication to transparency, integrity, and global compliance. As a leader in the industry, Dominica continues to make progressive strides that solidify its position and reputation, promising a robust, effective, and credible Citizenship by Investment program for its applicants.

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