No Better Time Than Now To Invest in Caribbean CBI Programs

The attraction of Caribbean passports for wealthy UAE residents is strong, granting them visa-free travel to over 140+ destinations worldwide. However, recent changes in the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs of Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Grenada mean that potential investors need to move quickly before additional changes take place.

Updates on the Caribbean CBI Programs


  • Mandatory online or in-person interviews now required.
  • Won’t process applications from those rejected by other CBI jurisdictions.


  • Introduction of mandatory interviews started from September 1.

Saint Kitts & Nevis:

  • Minimum investment threshold for all programs has doubled.
  • Sustainable Island State Contribution (previously the Sustainable Growth Fund) starts at $250,000.
  • Family contribution for up to four members increased to $350,000.
  • Developer’s Real Estate Option set at $400,000 with a 7-year holding period.

These changes hint at a broader trend: Caribbean nations are emphasizing “quality over volume.”

Raising the Bar: The Twin Objectives of the New CBI Rules

  1. Attracting High-Caliber Investors:

By raising the stakes, Caribbean nations are seeking individuals who can contribute not just financially but also intellectually and entrepreneurially to their economies.

2. Alignment with EU and US Standards:

By adjusting their programs, Caribbean nations aspire to match the EU and US expectations, enhancing credibility and reinforcing international trust.

Why Caribbean Passports Remain Appealing in the UAE and Beyond

Visa-Free Travel: Offering access to over 120 countries, Caribbean passports continue to be a symbol of global mobility.

Diverse Appeal: Beyond UAE residents, nationalities from countries like China, Vietnam, and Egypt are also showing interest, underlining the global demand for such programs.

Upholding the Integrity of the CBI Programs

Combatting Potential Abuses: The revised criteria are poised to counteract possible misuse, ensuring that the program’s reputation remains untarnished.

Filtering Genuine Investors: The focus is now on individuals who genuinely wish to be a part of the nation’s growth story.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Predicted Price Hike: As seen from the recent changes, the trend points towards a potential increase in prices for these programs. Obtaining second citizenship now could be a financially astute move for investors foreseeing future cost escalations.

Long-Term Security: Amidst global uncertainties, having a second passport can provide added security, flexibility, and increased global mobility.


The revamped CBI programs of the Caribbean nations underline a shift in their approach. While the initial reaction may hint at a dip in investor interest, the long-term benefits of attracting quality investors and aligning with global standards cannot be overstated. For potential investors, the time might just be ripe to act before the costs escalate further.

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