Jordan Passport Visa Free Countries: Travel Destinations for Jordanian Passport Holders in 2024

Published: 26 May 2024

Embracing a strategic position in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan offers unique opportunities through its Citizenship by Investment Program. This program serves as a gateway for investors seeking not only to expand their business horizons but also to gain residency in a country rich in history and culture. This guide delves into the nuances of acquiring Jordanian citizenship by investment, highlighting the benefits and the comprehensive application process that attracts affluent individuals globally.

Key Takeaways

  • Jordanian citizenship provides visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 60 destinations, significantly facilitating international travel for business or leisure.
  • The program extends eligibility to the investor’s immediate family, enhancing the quality of life for spouses, children, and dependent parents by offering them the same security and mobility.
  • As a stable nation in a turbulent region and an active participant in global and regional organizations like the UN and the World Trade Organization, Jordan offers a politically stable environment for investment and growth.
  • Investors gain access to a growing economy with opportunities across various sectors, supported by favorable business conditions and economic policies.

Unlocking Opportunities: The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program presents a prime opportunity for affluent investors to acquire citizenship in a geopolitically strategic and culturally rich nation. Situated in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan’s location near the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe makes it an attractive gateway for expanded business and investment opportunities, particularly with its proximity to major economies like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program: Discover the Benefits

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program offers a wealth of benefits designed to appeal to high-net-worth individuals and their families seeking not only economic opportunities but also enhanced global mobility and security. Here’s an expanded look at the advantages of acquiring Jordanian citizenship through investment:

Global Travel Freedom

One of the most significant benefits of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program is the enhanced travel freedom it provides. Jordanian citizens enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 60 countries and territories around the world. This level of access facilitates easier international travel for business, leisure, and educational purposes, making it an ideal option for global entrepreneurs and travelers seeking to expand their international footprint without the constant need for visa applications.

Family Inclusion Benefits

The program extends beyond the individual investor, offering citizenship to the entire family. This inclusive approach allows the main applicant’s spouse, unmarried children (including widowed or divorced daughters and sons under 18), and dependent parents to also receive Jordanian citizenship. The ability to include family members ensures that the benefits of Jordanian citizenship—such as security, education, and healthcare—can be enjoyed by all immediate family members, providing peace of mind and stability for the entire family unit.

Political and Social Stability

Jordan is recognized as one of the most stable and peaceful countries in the Middle East, a region often fraught with political unrest. By obtaining citizenship in Jordan, investors secure a safe haven that offers a stable political and social environment. This stability is highly valued by those looking to relocate their families or to secure a stable base in the region.

Strategic International Relations

Jordan holds a strategic position on the global stage. As an active member of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, Jordan is involved in key international dialogues and trade agreements. Citizenship of Jordan thus provides investors with the advantage of belonging to a country that has a voice in significant global matters. This can facilitate better business opportunities and insights into international economic trends, beneficial for any investor looking to have a global impact.

Economic Opportunities

Investors who obtain citizenship through Jordan’s program also tap into various economic benefits. Jordan’s growing economy offers opportunities in key sectors such as tourism, information technology, and renewable energy. The government’s supportive policies towards investors and business-friendly environment make Jordan an appealing destination for initiating new business ventures or expanding existing ones.

Cultural and Historical Richness

Aside from economic and travel benefits, Jordanian citizenship also opens the door to a country with rich cultural heritage and historical significance. From the ancient city of Petra to the cultural experiences of Amman, citizens can explore and immerse themselves in a land that bridges the ancient and modern worlds.

Tax Advantages

Jordan offers a favorable tax environment for its citizens, which can be particularly advantageous for business operations and personal wealth management. With competitive corporate tax rates and no foreign income tax for non-residents, Jordan provides a financially beneficial environment for international investors.

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program not only enhances an investor’s global mobility and economic opportunities but also offers a safe, stable, and culturally rich environment for families. Its broad array of benefits makes it an attractive option for those seeking to broaden their personal and business horizons while ensuring a high quality of life.

Eligibility Criteria for Jordanian Citizenship by Investment

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program is designed to attract foreign capital by offering Jordanian citizenship to those willing to make significant economic contributions to the country. This program lays out several investment avenues, each tailored to suit different investment preferences and capabilities, all aimed at bolstering Jordan’s economy and labor market. Here is an expanded discussion on the specific requirements and options available under this program:

Investment Options and Requirements

Bank Deposits and Treasury Bonds

  • Bank Deposit: Investors can opt to make a zero-interest deposit of USD 1 million at the Central Bank of Jordan. This deposit must be maintained for a minimum period of three years. This type of investment is secure and directly supports the financial system of Jordan.
  • Treasury Bonds: Alternatively, investors can purchase treasury bonds worth USD 1 million. The bonds come with an interest rate determined by the Central Bank of Jordan and require a commitment to hold the investment for at least six years. This longer-term investment not only provides a return through interest but also contributes to the fiscal stability of the country.

Company Shares and/or Units

  • Investors may choose to buy shares or units in Jordanian companies with a minimum value of USD 1.5 million. To qualify for citizenship under this option, the shares or units must be held for at least three years. This investment must be validated by the Companies Control Department and/or the Jordan Securities Commission, which will place a temporary seizure on them to ensure compliance with the holding period. This route is particularly appealing to those who wish to have an active stake in Jordan’s corporate sector.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • The program encourages the establishment of SMEs that lead to job creation, a critical component for boosting the local economy. Investors can start a project in a designated productive economic sector with capital of at least USD 1 million if located within the Amman governorate, or USD 750,000 if outside Amman. Additionally, the project must create at least 20 jobs in Amman or 10 jobs in other governorates, verified by the Social Security Corporation. This investment not only furthers economic diversification but also addresses unemployment by creating new job opportunities.

Documentary Requirements and Compliance

Applicants must provide substantial documentary evidence to support their investment claims. This includes bank statements, property deeds, corporate documents, and employment records for projects involving job creation. Ensuring the authenticity and legality of these documents is crucial, as they form the basis of the due diligence process that all applicants must undergo.

Strategic Benefits of Investing in Jordan

Investing in Jordan offers strategic benefits beyond the immediate economic returns. The country’s stable political environment, strategic geographic location, and growing economy make it an attractive destination for investors looking to expand their influence in the Middle East and beyond. Additionally, Jordan’s active role in international organizations like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization provides a platform for investors to engage in global trade and diplomacy, enhancing the value of Jordanian citizenship.

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program offers a variety of investment options that cater to diverse investor needs and preferences, each contributing significantly to the nation’s economic landscape. By meeting these investment requirements, investors not only gain a valuable citizenship but also contribute to Jordan’s ongoing development and stability, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the investor and the host country.

The Application Process for Jordanian Citizenship by Investment

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program offers a structured and streamlined process for acquiring citizenship through substantial economic contributions. Designed to attract foreign investors, the program provides a methodical approach to processing applications, ensuring compliance with Jordan’s legal and financial standards. Here’s an expanded overview of the procedures and time frame involved in securing Jordanian citizenship through investment:

Application Submission and Initial Evaluation

  1. Application Forms and Fees: Prospective applicants must submit a completed application form along with the required fees. This form collects detailed information about the applicant’s financial background, investment intentions, and personal data necessary for initial assessments.
  2. Supporting Documentation: Along with the application, individuals must provide comprehensive supporting documents, including proof of the source of funds, investment plans, and personal identification documents such as passports and birth certificates. These documents are crucial for verifying the legitimacy of the funds and the identity of the applicants.
  3. Annual Quota and Review Period: The Jordanian government limits the number of citizenships granted under this program to 500 per year, ensuring that each application receives thorough scrutiny. Applications are evaluated bi-annually, and the eligibility criteria may be adjusted at these intervals to reflect the economic and security interests of Jordan. These criteria are applied prospectively and are not imposed retroactively on already submitted applications.

Due Diligence and Investment Selection

  1. Security Clearance: After submitting the application, a comprehensive security clearance is conducted to ensure the applicant poses no threat to national security. This involves background checks conducted by Jordanian security agencies.
  2. Financial Adequacy Confirmation: Concurrently, financial checks are carried out to confirm the applicant’s financial stability and capability to make the required investment without jeopardizing their financial health.
  3. Investment Route Selection: Applicants must declare their preferred investment route from the available options—bank deposits and treasury bonds, company shares and/or units, or initiating an enterprise that creates employment. This choice determines the specific documentation and verification processes that will follow.

Approval Process and Citizenship Granting

  1. Government Committee Review: The application, along with all due diligence reports, is reviewed by a designated government committee responsible for the citizenship by investment program. This committee evaluates the application’s compliance with the investment criteria and the overall suitability of granting citizenship.
  2. Investment Fulfillment: Upon preliminary approval, the applicant is required to fulfill the chosen investment commitment. Proof of investment, such as bank statements or business registration documents, must be submitted to the government committee for final approval.
  3. Issuance of Citizenship and Passport: Once the investment is verified and all conditions are met, the applicant and their eligible family members are granted Jordanian citizenship. Subsequently, Jordanian passports are issued to the main investor, their spouse, eligible children, and dependent parents.

Time Frame

The entire process from the submission of the application to the issuance of citizenship typically spans several months, depending on the complexity of the due diligence required and the responsiveness of the applicant in providing necessary information and completing investment commitments. The efficiency of government processing can also impact the overall timeline.

Navigating the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program requires careful attention to detail and strict adherence to the procedural steps outlined by the Jordanian government. By fulfilling the investment requirements and successfully passing all security and financial checks, investors can gain not only a valuable passport but also the opportunity to engage in Jordan’s growing economy and stable political environment. This program stands as a testament to Jordan’s openness to international investors and its commitment to enhancing its economic landscape through global partnerships.

Imperial Citizenship – Your Gateway to Global Mobility

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Jordan’s Citizenship by Investment Program stands out as an attractive option for investors due to its blend of cultural richness, strategic geographic location, and significant travel freedoms. It not only opens doors to expansive business opportunities in the Middle East and beyond but also provides a stable and secure environment for families. By meeting the investment requirements, individuals can enjoy the benefits of an enhanced lifestyle, global mobility, and significant economic opportunities, making it a compelling choice for those looking to invest in a second citizenship.

The program’s structured application process, designed to be transparent and efficient, ensures that qualified investors can navigate their path to Jordanian citizenship with clarity and confidence. Whether for personal security, business expansion, or family legacy, Jordan offers a promising and enriching prospect for investors around the world.

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