Dominica Suspends CBI Applications for Yemeni Nationals Effective 19th January 2024

In a recent move to fortify the global security framework and uphold the integrity of its Citizenship by Investment Program, the Government of Dominica has decided to suspend the processing of all new applications from Yemeni nationals. This suspension takes effect from 19 January 2024.

Dominica’s Commitment to Global Security

The Citizenship by Investment Program has been a pivotal aspect of Dominica’s approach to economic development, allowing individuals from around the world to obtain citizenship by making a significant investment in the country. However, the decision to halt applications from Yemeni nationals reflects the government’s commitment to prioritizing global security and ensuring the thorough vetting of potential citizens.

This measure comes in the wake of increasing concerns about global security and the need to implement stringent measures to prevent any potential threats. By temporarily suspending applications from Yemen, Dominica aims to contribute to the safeguarding of the global community and to maintain the credibility of its Citizenship by Investment Program.

Ensuring Security in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program

All Authorized Agents have been instructed to disseminate this information to relevant parties, including clients, licensed promoters, and sub-agents. Additionally, they are required to ensure that all promotional material is promptly updated to reflect this policy change.

The decision to suspend CBI applications for Yemenis underscores the government’s dedication to secure immigration policies. Dominica remains committed to facilitating legitimate and beneficial participation in its Citizenship by Investment Program while taking proactive steps to address evolving global security challenges.

Dominica’s Awareness in a Changing Global Landscape

As the world navigates a complex landscape of geopolitical uncertainties, Dominica’s decision regarding Yemeni nationals serves as a reminder of the critical role governments play in safeguarding their citizens and contributing to international security efforts. This measured approach ensures that the benefits of the Citizenship by Investment Program are extended to those who genuinely seek to contribute positively to Dominica’s development, while mitigating potential risks associated with external factors.


Dominica’s recent decision to temporarily suspend Citizenship by Investment applications from Yemeni nationals emphasizes the government’s steadfast commitment to global security and program integrity. This proactive measure highlights Dominica’s dedication to adaptability in the face of evolving global challenges while maintaining the highest standards of security and integrity within its citizenship offerings.

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