Your Path to Citizenship by Investment Cyprus: A Comprehensive Guide

Wondering how to get EU citizenship by investment, particularly in Cyprus? Though currently on hold, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program offers a streamlined process for obtaining EU citizenship, complete with travel freedoms and tax incentives. This article lays out the essentials: investment requirements, the benefits you can expect, and preparation tips until the “citizenship by investment Cyprus” program resumes. Get ready for an insightful, straightforward guide without the oversell.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme provides fast-track citizenship and visa-free access to 170 countries but is currently on hold, offering potential investors a chance to prepare and understand the program.
  • Cypriot citizenship grants considerable tax benefits, with a progressive tax regime and exemptions on foreign capital gains, inheritance tax, and taxes on dividends and interest for new citizens.
  • Cyprus offers a straightforward path from residency to citizenship with the requirement of maintaining the investment, income, and residency conditions to ensure the long-term status for investors.

Navigating the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme

Cyprus CBI programme

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme, with a decade of experience, has made a name for itself by offering fast-track citizenship or permanent residency opportunities for high net worth individuals. Imagine the convenience of unlimited visa-free access to 170 countries worldwide and the entire European Union! This could be your reality with Cypriot citizenship.

Furthermore, the programme offers the following benefits:

  • It does not require charitable donations
  • Prospective investors can receive tailored assistance with the application process
  • The application process is efficient, with handling and turnaround possible within six months

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program – On Hold

Despite the many benefits, it’s important to note that the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program is currently on hold. However, this pause offers potential investors an opportunity to:

  • Thoroughly understand the program, its advantages, and the process
  • Prepare all necessary documents and funds
  • Research and select a reputable firm or service provider
  • Stay updated on any updates to the program

By taking advantage of this time, potential investors can be well-prepared and ready to proceed when the program resumes.

Key Advantages of Cypriot Citizenship for Investors

Key Advantages of Cypriot Citizenship for Investors

Cypriot citizenship, accessible through the Citizenship by Investment Cyprus Program, stands out as a highly valued asset for investors globally. With Cypriot citizenship, one can experience the benefits of European citizenship without any hassle. Offering a pathway to European Union membership, this program bestows not only a Cypriot passport but also a range of financial and personal benefits that cater to the sophisticated needs of foreign investors and their families. Here’s an insight into the key advantages of obtaining Cypriot citizenship for investors.

  • Global Mobility and European Union Access: First and foremost, the Cypriot passport is your gateway to visa-free travel to 170 countries, encapsulating all 28 EU member states. This unparalleled global access facilitates both leisure travel and business operations across continents, ensuring that Cypriot citizens enjoy a level of international mobility that is both rare and enviable.
  • Dual Citizenship and European Liberties: One of the significant features of the Cyprus citizenship by investment program is the allowance for dual citizenship. This means investors can retain their original nationality while embracing the freedoms that come with European Union citizenship. These freedoms include the right to live, work, and study anywhere within the EU, augmenting personal and professional opportunities.
  • Favorable Tax Regime: Cyprus is renowned for its favorable tax regime, offering compelling benefits such as zero income tax under certain conditions, a competitive corporate tax rate of 12.5%, and advantageous capital gains and inheritance tax policies. This favorable tax environment is particularly appealing to high net worth individuals and investors looking to optimize their tax liabilities while benefiting from a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Flexibility in Residency: Unlike many other citizenship by investment programs, Cyprus does not impose stringent residency requirements to maintain citizenship. This flexibility is especially beneficial for investors with global business interests or lifestyles that necessitate extensive travel, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of Cypriot citizenship without the need to alter their global mobility patterns.
  • Investment Opportunities and Family Inclusion: The Cyprus citizenship by investment program presents a variety of investment options, from real estate investments to participation in Cypriot companies or infrastructure projects. With a minimum investment threshold, investors can secure permanent residency and citizenship for themselves and their dependents, ensuring that the benefits of Cypriot citizenship extend to the whole family. The inclusion of family members, from spouses to dependent children, underscores the program’s appeal to those seeking to secure a prosperous future for their loved ones.
  • A Streamlined Application Process: The Cyprus citizenship by investment program boasts a streamlined application process, devoid of language requirements or mandatory medical tests, simplifying the path to citizenship. Successful applicants can expect a high level of support from the Cypriot government, the Cyprus Land Development Corporation, and accredited agents, making the journey towards citizenship both straightforward and rewarding.

Step-by-Step: Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship Through Investment

Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship Through Investment

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of acquiring citizenship.

Initial Consultation and Documentation

Embarking on this journey begins with the necessary documentation. A valid passport from your country of origin is a primary requirement for the Cyprus Golden Visa application. Along with this, you need to provide a clean criminal record certificate.

Other essential documents include a birth certificate for the main applicant and any family members. For the main applicant and any adult dependents, a CV is required, and if applicable, a marriage certificate should also be submitted.

Real Estate Investment and Application Submission

To obtain the Citizenship of Cyprus you will require to make 2 investments. The first one is real estate investment.

The journey continues with the investment stage. A minimum €2,200,000 investment in real estate is required for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme. This can include the purchase of a personal residence. To maintain Cyprus citizenship, applicants must retain at least a €500,000 value in residential real estate as a permanent residence for the main applicant.

The application process is straightforward. It includes the submission of documentation such as:

  • Proof of legal funds
  • Police records
  • Evidence of the required investments
  • Property purchase documents

Donation to the government

In addition to the real estate investment, applicants are required to make a minimum donation of €100,000 to the Cyprus government. This donation is pivotal in supporting national development projects and solidifying the applicant’s economic ties to Cyprus.

Final Stages: Approval and Citizenship Conferral

The final stages of the citizenship application process are uncomplicated. Unlike many other programs, the Cyprus citizenship by Investment Program does not require a language or nationality test for applicants.

The final approval step includes:

  • A formal acceptance of the citizenship application
  • Applicants must visit Cyprus for passport issuance
  • Applicants must take an Oath of Allegiance
  • Applicants must submit their biometric data to receive the Cypriot passport.

Cyprus vs Other EU Citizenship Programmes

Cyprus or Other EU Citizenship Programmes

In comparison to other EU citizenship programs, Cyprus offers one of the fastest routes to citizenship. It grants citizenship as quickly as three-six months, without the need for a language requirement, medical test, or interview. This is a stark contrast to other citizenship programs like Malta’s Citizenship by Investment, which may take up to 15-18 months and includes additional provisions.

Investors who care about European citizenship can take advantage of investment paths offered by other countries. The above-mentioned MaltaTurkey and Austria are countries that offer citizenship through investment programs.

It is also worth paying attention to the increasingly popular Caribbean countries. Antigua & BarbudaDominicaGrenadaSaint Lucia and Saint Kitts & Nevis are the top five Caribbean countries offering citizenship through investment programs.

Tax Implications and Incentives for New Cypriot Citizens

New Cypriot citizens can also reap substantial tax benefits. Cyprus has introduced a new tax incentive scheme effective July 26, 2022, designed to attract global professionals by providing tax benefits and substantially reducing the minimum annual income eligibility for a 50% tax exemption. This progressive tax structure proposes savings through a 35% tax cap for incomes exceeding €60,000, which is lower than some other countries like the UK.

Moreover, new Cypriot citizens enjoy the following tax benefits:

  • Exemption from capital gains tax on property sales abroad
  • Exemption from inheritance tax, allowing seamless transfer of assets without incurring additional taxes
  • Exemption from taxes on dividends and interest earnings for the first 17 years of residence, favoring the accumulation of wealth from international investments.

Investment Opportunities Beyond Real Estate

While real estate is a popular investment option, Cyprus offers other alternatives. For instance, investing in infrastructure projects is a viable option for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment programme. You can diversify your investment by opting for a combined investment with other eligible investment categories to reach the total of at least €2,000,000.

Other options include investing in units of Cyprus Collective Investment Organizations or in a Cypriot company. These not only contribute to local employment but also immerse the investor in the nation’s service-based economy. Cyprus is dedicated to establishing itself as a competitive business hub, enticing foreign businesses to relocate and headquarters through beneficial tax incentive schemes.

Maintaining Your Status: Long-Term Considerations for Investors

Maintaining your status as a citizen involves certain long-term considerations, including obtaining a residence permit. Investors must demonstrate an annual income generated abroad of €50,000 for the main applicant, plus an additional €15,000 for the spouse, and €10,000 for each dependent.

On an annual basis, foreign investors are required to submit evidence to the Civil Registry and Migration Department that the following requirements are met:

  • The necessary investment is maintained
  • Required income is met
  • Insurance policy is active
  • Clean criminal records are upheld both from their country of origin and Cyprus.

Leveraging Your Cypriot Passport for Global Mobility

Cypriot passport for global mobility

Holding a Cypriot passport opens up a world of opportunities for those who seek to navigate the globe with ease and confidence. Renowned for its strong visa-free score, the passport empowers Cypriot citizens with unparalleled access to a wide array of countries and regions, making it a powerful asset for personal, business, or leisure travel.

Visa-Free and Visa-On-Arrival Access

The privilege of holding a Cypriot passport includes visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to an impressive roster of 170 countries and territories. This extensive list encompasses diverse destinations, offering a broad spectrum of cultures, economies, and environments for Cypriot citizens to explore without the cumbersome process of obtaining a visa beforehand. Notably, this includes access to:

  • Australia: Renowned for its unique wildlife and stunning landscapes, offering Cypriot passport holders the opportunity to explore everything from the Great Barrier Reef to the vast Outback without the need for a pre-arranged visa.
  • Canada: Known for its vast wilderness, vibrant cities, and welcoming culture, Canada is accessible to Cypriots, enabling them to experience the country’s natural beauty and multicultural urban centers visa-free.
  • Japan: Cypriot citizens can immerse themselves in the rich heritage, cutting-edge technology, and exquisite cuisine of Japan, enjoying the ease of visa-free entry to experience the Land of the Rising Sun.
  • The majority of Europe: The Cypriot passport grants access to the majority of European countries without a visa, allowing for effortless exploration of the continent’s rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes.

ID Card Entry Within Europe

A unique advantage for Cypriot citizens traveling within Europe is the ability to enter several countries using just an ID card. This convenient option simplifies travel, making spontaneous trips and business travel within the European Union and Schengen Area more accessible than ever.

EVisas and Visas on Arrival

For countries where visa requirements are in place, Cypriot citizens benefit from simplified entry procedures, such as eVisas and visas on arrival. These arrangements reduce the complexity and waiting times associated with traditional visa applications, offering a streamlined process for:

  • China: Engage with one of the world’s oldest civilizations and fastest-growing economies, with eVisa options simplifying the process.
  • The United States: Access business opportunities and tourist attractions in the US through expedited visa application processes for Cypriot citizens.
  • India: Explore the rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and historical sites in India, facilitated by eVisa availability.

Multiple-Entry Schengen Visa

Investors and their families who acquire Cypriot citizenship through the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment programme may be eligible for a Multiple-Entry Schengen visa. This visa, valid for up to five years, greatly enhances travel flexibility within the Schengen Area, removing the need for repeated visa applications and allowing for spontaneous and frequent travel across Europe.


The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme offers an array of benefits for investors, from fast-track citizenship and visa-free global mobility to tax incentives and flexible investment options. Whether your goal is to secure a second citizenship, establish a business hub, or simply enjoy the perks of European Union citizenship, Cyprus offers an assured route to achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to invest in Cyprus program for citizenship?

To invest in Cyprus for citizenship, you must be willing to invest a minimum of €2,200,000, with at least €500,000 in residential real estate for the main applicant.

How quickly can I obtain citizenship through the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme?

You can obtain citizenship through the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme in as quickly as 3-6 months, making it one of the fastest routes to EU citizenship available.

Are there any language requirements or nationality tests in the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program?

No, there are no language requirements or nationality tests in the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program. This makes the program more accessible to a wider range of applicants.

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