Explore the Top Citizen by Investment Countries for 2024: Your Best Guide

Are you on the hunt for the top citizen by investment countries in 2024? This article zeroes in on the main contenders, offering you a clear breakdown of their investment requirements, citizenship advantages, and application processes. Whether it’s enhanced mobility or lifestyle improvements, we provide the insights you need to make an informed decision about your investment for a second citizenship – with no fluff and straight to the point.

Key Takeaways

  • Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs enable investors to acquire a second citizenship through significant economic contributions to the host country, offering benefits such as increased travel options, tax advantages, and improved personal safety.
  • In 2024, top CBI countries include Caribbean nations like St. Kitts and NevisDominicaSt. LuciaAntigua & BarbudaGrenada as well as European destinations such as Malta and Austria, each offering unique benefits and diverse investment options like real estate, government bonds, and donations.
  • Investors considering CBI programs must deliberate various factors such as investment levels, processing times, host country stability, and family inclusion options — with professional assistance such as Imperial Citizenship providing expertise and guidance through the complex application process.

Understanding Citizenship by Investment

As an investor, it can be a daunting task to navigate the myriad of investment options available. But have you ever considered investing in a second citizenship? Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a process that allows foreign nationals to obtain citizenship in a country through a significant financial investment in its economy. This method provides the opportunity for individuals to acquire citizenship rights in exchange for their contribution..

Now, you might wonder, why would anyone want to invest in a second citizenship? Well, the answer lies in the plethora of rights, privileges, and benefits that come with it. Some of the benefits of having a second citizenship include:

Citizenship by Investment
  • Asset protection in multiple jurisdictions
  • Business expansion opportunities
  • Personal freedom and mobility
  • Access to better healthcare and education
  • Tax advantages
  • Increased travel options

A second passport can open doors to a world of possibilities.

But why do countries offer these programs in the first place? The objective is simple. Countries offer CBI programs to attract foreign direct investments, support the presence of international businesses, and finance necessary investments within their economies. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Top Citizenship by Investment Countries in 2024

Top Citizenship by Investment Countries in 2024

So, where should you invest for a second citizenship? Let’s delve into the list of CBI countries offering citizenship in 2024, including:

Each of these countries offers diverse benefits and investment options that cater to different investor needs.

Ready to explore? Let’s get started!

Caribbean CBI Programs

The Caribbean is renowned for offering some of the most enticing Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programs, each providing unique pathways to dual citizenship amidst stunning natural beauty. Here’s a closer look at what each island offers:

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • Pioneered CBI programs in 1984.
  • Offers citizenship through a $250,000 donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund or a $400,000 real estate investment.
  • Features an Accelerated CBI Application Process for citizenship, albeit at additional costs, including due diligence fees.


  • Requires a $100,000 donation to the government’s fund or a $200,000 real estate investment.
  • Known for its affordable entry into citizenship by investment, making it a popular choice.

St. Lucia

  • Diversified investment options including a $100,000 donation to the National Economic Fund, a $300,000 real estate investment, or investment in enterprise projects.
  • Melds investment opportunities with the promise of a serene lifestyle.

Antigua & Barbuda

  • Demands a $100,000 contribution to the National Development Fund or a $200,000 real estate investment.
  • This program is particularly appealing for families, as it allows the inclusion of dependents, including children up to 28 years old and parents over 58 years old, under a single application, promoting a cohesive move to new beginnings.


  • Offers access to the USA E-2 treaty investor visa, distinguishing it from other Caribbean CBI programs.
  • Citizenship can be obtained through a $150,000 donation to the National Transformation Fund or a $220,000 real estate investment.

Key Advantages Across Caribbean CBI Programs

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 140 countries, including the UK and the Schengen Area.
  • Simplified US visa application process, especially beneficial for Grenadian citizens due to the E-2 treaty.
  • No income, capital gains, or inheritance taxes in certain jurisdictions, like St. Kitts & Nevis.
  • Opportunity for significant return on investment through real estate in booming tourist markets.

The Caribbean CBI programs not only offer a gateway to enhanced global access and financial optimization but also invite investors to become part of closely-knit island communities, each with its unique charm and opportunities.

European CBI Programs

European Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programs offer a gateway to a high standard of living and expansive visa-free travel. Here’s a closer look at what some European countries offer:

Malta Individual Investor Program

  • Launched in 2014, known for high living standards and extensive visa-free travel.
  • Requires a minimum investment of €690,000.
  • Applicants must rent for a minimum of five years or purchase property worth at least €700,000.
  • The citizenship process spans 15 to 18 months, offering a thorough but rewarding path to Maltese citizenship.

Austria’s CBI Program

  • Renowned for its prestige and the high quality of life it offers.
  • Provides extensive visa-free travel, enhancing global mobility for investors.
  • Notable for its rigorous application process, emphasizing the country’s commitment to attracting genuine investors.

North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Investors have two investment options: private Investment Fund invested for a minimum of two years (EUR 200,000 per adult applicant) or direct Investment in new facilities, employing at least ten people indefinitely over a minimum period of one year (EUR 400,000 per adult applicant).
  • This program designed to foster North Macedonia’s development and enhance international economic ties.
  • Offers investors and their families a route to obtaining North Macedonian citizenship.

Other Notable CBI Programs

Beyond Europe and the Caribbean, other countries also offer noteworthy CBI programs. Take Turkey, for instance. Launched in 2017, this program requires a real estate purchase of at least $400,000, with a pathway to citizenship typically occurring within 3-4 months.

Similarly, Jordan’s Citizenship by Investment Program, which was launched in 2018, has been successful since its outset, garnering over 100 applications in its first half-year. These citizenship programs offer unique benefits and investment opportunities, making them worth considering.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a CBI Program

Factors to Consider When Choosing a CBI Program

When selecting a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, several critical factors come into play, ensuring the program aligns with your personal and financial objectives. Below are essential considerations to guide your decision-making process:

  • Financial Investment Required: Evaluate the initial investment and any associated costs of the program. This varies significantly across different CBI programs and should be within your financial reach without overextending your budget.
  • Reputation and Stability of the Host Country: The political and economic stability of the host country is paramount. A reputable and stable country not only ensures the security of your investment but also the reliability of the passport you’re acquiring.
  • Processing Time: Consider how quickly the citizenship can be processed and granted. Timeframes vary, with some programs offering expedited processes for an additional fee.
  • Passport Benefits and Privileges: Assess the strength of the passport in terms of visa-free access to other countries, especially if global mobility is a priority for you. The more countries you can enter without a visa, the more valuable the passport.
  • Tax Regime of the Host Country: Understand the tax implications of acquiring citizenship in another country. Some countries offer favorable tax regimes for foreign income, capital gains, and inheritance, which can be advantageous for your financial planning.
  • Family Inclusion Options: If applying with your family, check the program’s provisions for including spouses, children, and sometimes even parents or siblings. This aspect is vital for those looking to secure a better future for their entire family.
  • Quality of Life, Safety, and Economic Outlook: Beyond the investment, consider the lifestyle, safety, environmental quality, healthcare, education, and economic growth prospects of the host country. These factors will impact your and your family’s well-being and satisfaction with the chosen citizenship.

By thoroughly considering these factors, you can select a CBI program that not only meets your investment criteria but also offers the lifestyle, safety, and global access you desire. This comprehensive approach ensures that the chosen program is not just an investment in a second passport but an investment in your future.

Investment Options for CBI Programs

Investment Options for CBI Programs

CBI programs offer various vehicles for investment, including government bonds or national securities, real estate purchases, and business investments. The minimum investment requirements can start as low as $100,000, with options such as bank deposits, real estate, and business investments varying by country. Donation-based citizenship options require a non-refundable contribution to state funds or approved projects. Some programs even offer a philanthropic route, starting at $100,000.

Government bonds are another form of investment that can lead to citizenship, with some countries requiring a holding period of five to seven years and minimum investments such as a $300,000 purchase in St. Lucia.

The Application Process for Citizenship by Investment

Applying for a CBI program involves a series of steps. Firstly, you should engage with professional firm advisory company specializing in investor programs to obtain residence and also citizenship in several nations worldwide. These specialists guide you through the complex application process, ensuring a smooth journey towards your second citizenship.

Next is the due diligence process, where checks are performed to assess your reliability and ensure that the investment funds have been legally obtained. A rigorous due diligence process might imply a reputable program with thorough checks but may also lead to additional paperwork for the applicant. These expenses for family members in the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs range from $5,000 to $7,000.

The Application Process for Citizenship by Investment

Finally, the processing times. These vary widely, with:

Benefits of Having a Second Citizenship

Having a second citizenship, or economic citizenship, comes with a host of benefits. One of the most apparent is enhanced global mobility. CBI programs offer visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 100+ countries, including major business and tourism destinations. Financial incentives are another significant perk. These may include a lower cost of living, rights to own land in the adopted country, and relaxed tax rates that benefit entrepreneurs and investors.

But the benefits extend beyond just finances. Securing a second citizenship can lead to personal security, protection of individual rights, and access to high-standard healthcare and education systems, contributing to an improved quality of life.

For business owners, a second citizenship can unlock new opportunities, with easier business registration and operations abroad, expanding their commercial footprint internationally and opening doors for business investment and attracting international clients.

How to Choose the Right CBI Program for You

Selecting the right CBI program is a personalized process that requires careful consideration of your personal, financial, and business goals. Professional citizenship by investment blogs, newsletters and comparison sites can play an instrumental role in supporting decision-making by providing comprehensive analysis of CBI programs, helping individuals make an informed decision tailored to their specific goals.

Professional Assistance for CBI Applications: Imperial Citizenship

CBI Applications: Imperial Citizenship

Navigating the CBI landscape can be complex. This is where professional assistance like Imperial Citizenship comes in handy. With expert guidance, the application process can be significantly simplified. Competent experts assist applicants through the nuanced CBI process by managing various documentation requirements and proactively resolving issues before they escalate. They offer services that include consultation and comprehensive guidance with the application procedure.

They are a trusted partner in your journey towards second citizenship, ensuring a brighter future for future generations. Utilizing the wealth of resources available, you can choose a CBI program that not only meets your immediate needs but also serves your long-term interests. The right CBI program can offer a transformative opportunity, providing not just a second passport but a gateway to new possibilities for you and your family.

How it Works?

The journey to a second citizenship through a CBI program involves a series of steps. The first step is an initial evaluation. This helps determine the investor’s requirements and eligibility for a second residency or dual citizenship.

Once the initial evaluation is complete, the following steps are taken, starting with an initial private consultation:

  1. Several suitable programs are suggested.
  2. Detailed information is provided to help in making an educated decision.
  3. The next step is application preparation, where assistance is provided in preparing the application form, obtaining, translating, and legalizing necessary documents for the application.

The application is then submitted to the government to start the due diligence process. Government approval follows, and the obtaining citizenship or residency card is obtained and handed over to the client.


In a world where global mobility, asset protection, and business expansion are paramount, Citizenship by Investment Programs offer an enticing prospect. Whether it’s the Caribbean’s affordable options, Europe’s high living standards, or unique benefits from other countries, the world of CBI is diverse and full of opportunities. It’s crucial to consider personal, financial, and business goals when choosing a program, and professional assistance can make the journey smoother. The path to a second citizenship is not without its challenges, but with careful planning and guidance, it can open doors to a world of possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is easiest to get citizenship by investment?

VanuatuDominicaSt. LuciaGrenadaAntigua and Barbuda, and St. Kitts and Nevis are among the easiest countries to obtain citizenship by investment due to their minimal investment amount required. Turkey is also options to consider.

What is Citizenship by Investment (CBI)?

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a process that allows foreign nationals to obtain citizenship in a country by making a significant financial contribution to its economy.

What factors should I consider when choosing a CBI program?

When choosing a CBI program, consider the level of financial investment required, the strength of the passport, the tax regime of the host country, family inclusion options, and the quality of life in the host country.

What are the investment options for CBI programs?

CBI programs offer investment options such as government bonds, real estate purchases, and business investments to interested individuals. Consider these options when exploring CBI programs.

Can my application for a CBI program be rejected?

Yes, it is possible for applications to be rejected, so it’s crucial to ensure all requirements are met and the application process is followed carefully.

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