Austrian Citizenship Investment Programs: Requirements, Options and Benefits

Exploring paths to Austrian citizenship through investment? Learn the qualifications needed for Austrian citizenship investment, the ways to showcase ‘extraordinary merit,’ and the vital steps leading up to citizenship approval. Delve into the perks of Austrian citizenship including EU freedom, and grasp the specifics on Austria’s dual citizenship rules. This guide provides the roadmap to inform and empower your citizenship journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program targets high net worth individuals, requiring significant direct financial contributions to the economy and a demonstration of ‘extraordinary merit’ in various fields such as business, science, sports, arts, or charitable endeavors.
  • Passive investments are excluded from qualifying for Austrian citizenship; the program prioritizes active investments like new businesses or expansions that create jobs and increase export sales, with a rigorous due diligence process and background checks.
  • Applicants may need to renounce their current citizenship, as Austria generally does not recognize dual citizenship for those acquiring citizenship through investment, though some exceptions exist based on specific circumstances.

Understanding Austrian Citizenship by Investment

Austrian Citizenship by investment

The Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program, also known as the Austria Golden Visa, is a unique opportunity that extends beyond just gaining an EU passport. It’s about becoming a member of a nation known for its strong economic standing and deep historical roots. This program requires a substantial financial commitment, and in return, it offers the same rights enjoyed by an EU citizen. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all application process. Each case is evaluated individually by the Austrian government, ensuring that only the most deserving applicants are granted citizenship.

The program is characterized by its high selectivity and stringent due diligence process. It targets high net worth individuals, particularly seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs, who can demonstrate ‘extraordinary merit’. This merit can be shown through significant economic contributions or active business involvement in Austria. So, what constitutes this ‘extraordinary merit’ and how can one exhibit it? We’ll examine these concepts in the following section.

Key Requirements for Investors

To be considered for the Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program, you need to demonstrate more than just a healthy bank balance. You must show:

  • A proven track record of business success
  • A solid financial background
  • Comprehensive resume
  • Evidence of business experience
  • Proof of financial capability

In essence, you must be able to convince the Austrian authorities that you not only have the means to invest but also the expertise to contribute to the Austrian economy.

Furthermore, a significant direct investment is a prerequisite, generally commencing from a baseline of €4 million. This investment should contribute significantly to the Austrian economy, aligning with the program’s objective of attracting valuable economic contributors. Moreover, you are expected to have a clean personal record, free from any criminal charges.

A complete application includes a comprehensive resume with excellent references, evidence of a business background, and government-approved investment and business plans.

Extraordinary Merit Explained

The term ‘extraordinary merit’ might seem nebulous, but in the context of the Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program, it has a very specific implication. The Austrian Citizenship Act permits the government to grant citizenship on a discretionary basis to individuals demonstrating ‘extraordinary merit’. This merit is not limited to economic contributions; it can be demonstrated through significant advancements or patronage in fields such as:

  • science
  • sports
  • arts
  • charitable endeavors
Extraordinary Merit Explained

For instance, if you make an active business investment that results in technological innovation, job creation, or the enhancement of Austria’s foreign trade, you could be considered to have displayed extraordinary economic merit. On the other hand, significant contributions to science, sports, or the arts can also qualify as extraordinary merit.

Special exceptions under the extraordinary merit provision can include allowing foreign nationals to retain their previous citizenship or recognizing significant influence over entities with international reputation contributing to Austria’s economy, following government provisions relating to these cases.

Investing in Austria: Opportunities and Options

So, how can you contribute to the Austrian economy? There are several ways to invest, with the program favoring direct investments that create jobs or increase export sales. You could start a new company that brings innovative solutions to the Austrian market, or you could invest in existing businesses that have the potential to grow and provide employment opportunities.

The requisite investment amount for acquiring Austrian citizenship can fluctuate, initiating from €10 million for direct business ventures to €4-5 million for donations to state development funds.

Investing in Austria

Bear in mind that passive investments, like those in government bonds or real estate, do not qualify for the Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program.

The focus is on active investments that have a direct and beneficial impact on the economy.

Direct Investment vs. Passive Investment

In the context of the Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program, the distinction between direct and passive investments is crucial.

  • Passive investments: While valuable for financial growth and stability, do not meet the criteria for Austrian citizenship under this program. The rationale behind this exclusion is rooted in the program’s focus on promoting tangible economic benefits that directly impact Austria’s growth and prosperity. Passive investments lack the active involvement and direct contribution to the Austrian economy that are essential for citizenship consideration.
  • Direct Investments: The Austrian government prioritizes direct investments that create jobs or generate export sales through initiatives such as the government development fund. As an applicant, it is incumbent upon you to demonstrate that your investment will significantly impact an entity with robust economic performance and global prestige. Essentially, you should not just be putting your money into the Austrian economy; you should be actively involved in creating opportunities and growth.

Joint Ventures and Export Sales

Joint ventures are recognized by Austria as a valid active investment approach for individuals seeking citizenship through investment. If you’re partnering with an existing Austrian business, your contribution to the Austrian economy can be in the form of creating jobs or introducing innovation and research. Such contributions can qualify as extraordinary merit for citizenship eligibility.

The Austrian government also favors investments that lead to new export sales. Increasing export sales is crucial for Austria’s economy, and applicants who contribute to this through their investments are more likely to be favored for citizenship. Hence, your investment strategy should aim at job creation and export enhancement.

The Application Process for Austrian Citizenship by Investment

The Application Process for Austrian Citizenship

Once you’ve committed to applying and made your investment, you can commence the application process. This process requires government approval and involves different procedural stages at multiple government levels. Before making the investment and starting the formal application process, you need to secure informal approvals from key Austrian ministries.

The application for Austrian citizenship by investment requires comprehensive documentation proving your business experience and financial capacity. These documents, along with your investment and business plans, must be approved by the government. The application process also includes passing required tests on the German language and Austrian civic knowledge, a personal interview, and submitting the formal application.

Background Checks and Documentation

To ensure the integrity of the program, the application process involves a thorough background check. You must provide a standard package of documents including a valid passport, birth and marriage certificates. A clean criminal record is essential, and you are required to submit a certificate confirming the absence of criminal records to demonstrate your clean and exceptional personal background.

In addition to a clean criminal record, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Professional reference letter
  • Proof of identity
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Evidence of business experience
  • Sufficient financial support for yourself and your family

You must also provide documentation certifying the business investment and a clear statement of the source of funds to prove the legitimacy of the investment in Austria.

Time Frame and Performance Guarantee

Obtaining Austrian citizenship through investment is not an overnight process. The average time frame generally spans from 12 to 36 months, with specific phases such as onboarding and project selection taking between 3 to 6 months. Once your citizenship has been granted, you can immediately apply for an Austrian passport, which is typically issued within a few days.

Do keep in mind that the ultimate decision to bestow citizenship rests solely with the Austrian Government. While the outcome of citizenship applications cannot be guaranteed, advisory firms establish a written agreement defining their responsibilities before accepting a client. This provides a level of assurance to applicants entering the process.

Advantages of Acquiring Austrian Citizenship

What are the reasons to consider obtaining Austrian citizenship? Apart from the opportunity to contribute to and share in the prosperity of a flourishing economy, there are numerous tangible benefits. To obtain Austrian citizenship grants visa-free access to 188 countries, including all European Union nations, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

As an Austrian citizen, you have the following rights and advantages within the EU:

  • You can live and work in any EU member state without a work permit or residency visa.
  • You have the right to participate in the political process, including the right to vote and stand as a candidate in European Parliament elections and local polls throughout the EU.
  • You have the freedom to live anywhere within the EU for extended periods, providing flexibility and opening up a world of opportunities.
Advantages of Acquiring Austrian Citizenship

Visa-Free Access to European Countries

One of the most attractive benefits of Austrian citizenship is the freedom to travel. Austrian citizens can travel to a total of 192 countries without the need for a visa. This broad visa-free access opens up the world to you, making international travel easier and more convenient.

Holding an Austrian passport also includes the right to reside in any of the EU countries as well as Switzerland. Whether you’re looking to explore the vineyards of France, the mountains of Switzerland, or the canals of the Netherlands, your Austrian passport is your ticket to hassle-free travel.

Living and Working in the EU

Beyond travel, Austrian citizenship offers the following privileges:

  • Working and living in any EU member state
  • The right to take up employment in Austria and other EU countries under the same conditions as nationals of those countries
  • No need for a work permit or residency visa, making it much easier to pursue career opportunities across the EU.

After five years of continuous lawful residence in an EU country, you can obtain the right to long-term residence in that country, often in the form of a residence permit. This freedom of movement within the EU is a significant benefit for Austrians, offering a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Navigating Dual Citizenship and Renunciation

Dual citizenship in Austria

While the Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program offers numerous advantages, it’s crucial to understand the complexities of navigating dual citizenship and renunciation. Generally, Austria does not recognize dual citizenship for individuals who acquire Austrian citizenship through investment. This means that as part of your application, you’ll typically need to renounce your current citizenship.

However, this does not mean the process is straightforward. The process of granting citizenship through investment in Austria is confidential and not disclosed to other countries. Despite this confidentiality, it does not imply that Austria recognizes dual citizenship. We will explore these intricacies further.

Renouncing Previous Citizenship

As part of the application process for Austrian Citizenship by Investment, you are generally expected to renounce your current citizenship. This requirement underscores the seriousness of the commitment you’re making to become an Austrian citizen.

However, there are circumstances where it may be considered impossible or unreasonable for you to renounce your previous citizenship. In such cases, the competent provincial government in Austria assesses the situation and may allow you to retain your previous citizenship.

Exceptions and Special Provisions

Article 10 (6) of the Austrian Citizenship Act permits individuals to legally maintain their former citizenship in some cases. For instance, individuals who acquire another citizenship at birth, either through a parent or birthplace, can maintain their Austrian citizenship. Austrian law does not compel dual citizens by birth to choose between their Austrian citizenship and another citizenship upon reaching adulthood. These exceptional provisions guarantee fairness and flexibility in the process to obtain citizenship where required.

The provisions outlined in Article 10 (6) promote inclusivity and diversity within the Austrian population by accommodating individuals with multiple national affiliations. This approach reflects Austria’s commitment to embracing its multicultural heritage and fostering a sense of belonging among all its citizens, regardless of their dual nationality status.

Performance Guarantee

The granting of citizenship is at the sole discretion of the Austrian Government. While the application process is thorough and the requirements are stringent, there is no guarantee that your application will be approved. In fact, being granted Austrian citizenship is a privilege, not a right. The application process is meticulously designed to provide optimal safeguards for individuals. These measures have been taken to prioritize applicants’ safety and security.

Before taking on any mandate, a written agreement is made between the applicant and advisory firms, such as Imperial Citizenship, defining the responsibilities of both parties. This agreement provides a level of assurance to applicants, giving them a clear understanding of what to expect from the advisory firm and what is expected of them in return.

Imperial citizenship: Austria


The Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program is an exclusive pathway to EU membership, offering a wealth of benefits to successful applicants. From visa-free travel to 192 countries and the right to live and work in any EU country, to the opportunity to contribute to Austria’s strong economy, the advantages of becoming an Austrian citizen are clear.

However, it’s a path that requires significant financial commitment, a clean personal record, and a demonstration of extraordinary merit. With stringent requirements, a thorough application process, and the need to navigate the complexities of dual citizenship and renunciation, it’s a path that demands careful consideration and preparation. But for those who embark on this journey, the rewards can be truly exceptional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get citizenship in Austria if I buy a house?

No, you cannot get citizenship in Austria by simply buying a house or other real estate.

Is it easy to get citizenship in Austria?

Obtaining citizenship in Austria is quite difficult due to the requirements set by the Austrian Citizenship Law.

Which country gives fastest citizenship by investment?

Jordan, Turkey and Vanuatu offer the fastest citizenship through its investment program, allowing investors to obtain citizenship within 3-6 months.

What is the Austrian Citizenship by Investment program?

Austrian Citizenship by Investment ProgramThe Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program offers a chance to obtain citizenship by making a substantial financial commitment and demonstrating extraordinary merit. This can be a unique opportunity for individuals seeking Austrian citizenship.

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