Best Passports to Have in Case of a World War 

In the uncertain and increasingly turbulent world we live in, the thought of a global conflict is not far-fetched for many people. With rising geopolitical tensions, a hypothetical World War III is a scenario some are considering when planning their personal safety and security. One crucial aspect of this preparation is having the right passport, which can grant you access to safer regions and ensure your family’s well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore the best passports to have in case of a world war, focusing on neutrality, ease of travel, and lack of forced military service. 

Why Consider Different Passports? 

  • Neutrality: In times of global conflict, neutrality can be a critical factor. Countries that remain neutral are less likely to be involved in wars, making them safer havens. 
  • Travel Freedom: A passport with broad visa-free access allows you to move to safer regions without bureaucratic hurdles. 
  • No Forced Military Service: Avoiding mandatory military service is crucial, especially if you don’t wish to be involved in a conflict you may not support. 

Top Neutral Passports 

  1. Ireland 
  • Neutral Stance: Ireland is known for its neutral policies and is not a member of military alliances like NATO. 
  • Visa-Free Travel: Irish passport holders enjoy extensive visa-free access worldwide. 
  • Ease of Acquisition: If you have Irish ancestry, obtaining an Irish passport can be relatively straightforward. 
  1. Switzerland 
  • Neutrality: Switzerland has a long-standing tradition of neutrality and has not been involved in any military conflicts for centuries. 
  • High Quality of Life: Switzerland offers excellent infrastructure, healthcare, and a high standard of living. 
  • Investment Citizenship: While obtaining Swiss citizenship is challenging, residency can be achieved through investment. 
  1. Austria 
  • Neutral Stance: Austria maintains a neutral position in international conflicts. 
  • Investment Citizenship: Citizenship can be obtained through significant investment and contributions to the country. 
  • No Military Service: Austria does not impose compulsory military service on its citizens. 
  1. Brazil 
  • Neutrality: Brazil’s foreign policy is generally non-interventionist. 
  • Ease of Travel: Brazilian passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to many countries. 
  • Citizenship by Birth: Having a child born in Brazil can expedite the citizenship process. 

Passports from Safe Havens 

  1. Grenada, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Lucia and Dominica 
  • Caribbean Neutrality: As small island nations, these countries maintain a neutral and peaceful international stance. 
  • Citizenship by Investment: You can obtain a Caribbean passport through a straightforward investment process. 
  • Travel Freedom: Caribbean passports allow visa-free access to numerous countries. 
  1. Vanuatu 
  • Geographic Isolation: Located in the South Pacific, Vanuatu is far removed from global conflict zones. 
  • Citizenship by Investment: Vanuatu offers a quick and efficient citizenship by investment program. 
  • Travel Perks: Vanuatu passport holders have visa-free access to many countries, including the Schengen Area. 

European Union Passports 

  1. Malta 
  • EU Membership: Malta, as a member of the EU, provides its citizens with access to live and work in any EU country. 
  • Citizenship by Investment: Malta offers a citizenship by investment program, although it is relatively expensive. 
  • Neutrality: Malta’s small size and neutrality make it an unlikely target in global conflicts. 
  1. Portugal 
  • Golden Visa Program: Portugal’s Golden Visa program allows you to obtain residency through investment, leading to citizenship. 
  • Travel Freedom: Portuguese passport holders enjoy extensive visa-free travel rights. 
  • Strategic Location: Portugal’s location in southwestern Europe makes it a strategic retreat. 

Special Considerations 

  • Dual Citizenship: Holding dual citizenship can be advantageous, providing additional options for relocation and safety. 
  • Residency Permits: Alongside a neutral passport, having multiple residency permits can ensure you have places to go in times of crisis. 
  • Long-Term Planning: Establishing a residence in a neutral or safe country before any potential conflict ensures you are not caught unprepared. 


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In a world war, the passport you hold can greatly impact your ability to relocate to safer regions. Prioritizing passports from neutral countries, those with extensive travel freedoms, and those without mandatory military service is a prudent strategy. Considering personal circumstances, ancestry, and the investment options available to obtain a passport that can provide security and peace of mind in uncertain times is a necessity, being cautious and well-prepared is a must, given the current state of uncertainty that rules the world. 

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